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Have you been arrested, charged or are under investigation for a DUI or other criminal offense in the Boise ID area? You may be feeling scared, overwhelmed or confused. It is completely natural to feel that way. For most folks, the Idaho justice system is uncharted territory where there are no signs to tell you which path to take. We represent clients all across Southwest Idaho, including if you need Out Of State representation.

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We understand your legal challenge.  You want a lawyer who is confident and aggressive-- welcome to Boise Attorney Group - Criminal Lawyers. As local attorneys we are also realistic, because you need an advocate to tell you when to go to trial in criminal defense or when you need to protect your children and life by hiring a spousal abuse attorney in Boise.

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Facts About Arrest For Law Abiding Citizens

• You may arrest without a warrant anyone who is committing or attempting to commit a felony in your presence. You may also make an arrest for a felony not committed in your presence, but you must not be making a mistake. You must arrest during or immediately after the offense, otherwise your citizens arrest is illegal and the person you took into your custody will have the right to sue you for damages.

• A police officer generally needs only a reasonable suspicion that a crime is being or is about to be committed to arrest without a warrant.

• Under stop and frisk laws police officers may stop a person and demand an explanation of his actions. Frisking does not mean a full search but only a check for possible concealed weapons.

What Is Probable Cause?

If an officer makes an arrest for a crime not committed in his presence, he must have probable cause. Probable cause-- or "reasonable cause", exists if the facts the officer possessed at the time of arrest would cause an ordinary person to believe that the person to be arrested has committed or is committing an offense. Probable cause is a question of both law and fact. The jury decides if the facts exist, and the court decides if they amount to probable cause. The state must prove probable cause.

• Policemen have the right to order a driver out of his car after stopping them for a traffic violation.

• In making arrests police may use force, but laws vary from state to state as to when deadly force may be used. Learn more about Idaho Statutes Justifiable Homicide

• A police officer may ask a bystander to help make an arrest. The bystander has the duty to respond, even if there is danger, and he has the same protection of the law as the officer does.

• Peace officers may break into a dwelling to prevent or suppress a breach of the peace.

• The officer must give notice before making a forcible entry, unless such notice would endanger life, permit the suspects escape or result in the loss of evidence.

• When a person is arrested, he must be advised of his rights. If arrested you have the right to remain silent and to use the phone to obtain an attorney's help. Why is it called the Miranda Rights?

• If you are suing someone for damages and discover that they plan to flee the Boise Idaho area before the case comes to court, you can have them arrested. (To secure such an arrest, you must put up a bond from which the defendant can be paid damages if they later win a suit against you.)

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